Lost Your License Key?

Frequently Asked Questions

I bought ForkLift 2 from the Mac App Store. How can I get an upgrade discount?

If you purchased ForkLift 2 from the Mac App Store, send an email to support@binarynights.com with the subject MASUPGRADE, and we will get back to you with the instructions.

Where is ForkLift's user manual?

Open ForkLift and choose ForkLift Help from Help menu, or click on this link.

How can I download ForkLift 2.6.6?

Click on this link.

Can I purchase ForkLift 3 from the Mac App Store?

Currently ForkLift 3 is not available in the Mac App Store, but we do plan to create an App Store version in the near future.

How to set a default column width in List View?

Set a column width you prefer, then choose 'Save View Settings as Defaults' from View menu. In the other pane, choose 'Restore Default View Settings' to apply.

How to cut and paste files in ForkLift?

Press Command-C to copy then Command-Option-V to move, or choose File > Copy then File > Move Items Here while holding the Option key.

How to store passphrase of a private key in Keychain to connect to SFTP on macOS Sierra?

Use the following terminal command to add the passphrase to the ssh-agent: ssh-add -K /path/to/private_key To make this persistent, you have to add the following line to your ssh config: UseKeychain yes For more info, click here.

For ideas, suggestions, bug reports, or general questions about ForkLift, please contact us at support@binarynights.com, tweet @BinaryNights, or use the Feedback button on ForkLift's toolbar.