Putting the roar in file management – the new ForkLift 2.5

As hinted in the headline, I have now released the official ForkLift 2.5 upgrade. As hinted also, ForkLift 2.5 is a very simply put a Lion makeover, a new version almost 10 months in the making, an upgrade that leaps ForkLift straight to this excellent new platform.

This includes visuals as well as innards, monochrome styling and popovers, and migration to the new system APIs. Obviously, this also makes it a Lion only app.

But I haven’t spent all of these 10 months on singing the praises of Lion (sure, there’s been plenty of it too), but I managed to spend some time and brainpower on expanding the core features of ForkLift – some features that have been on our dreamlist since maybe the first functional alphas of years ago.

Although 2.5 deserves to be regarded a major upgrade in all respects, I have been loath to make it 3.0 and thus a paying upgrade. Therefore, ForkLift 2.5 is a free update, available to all licensed users.
You can grab a copy here.

The AppStore submission is underway, so customers who bought their license through the AppStore can expect to get their hands on the upgrade very soon.

Thanks for your patience and continued support, and thanks for the much appreciated help of the beta testers who helped to bring this release about.

New stuff I want to mention

Disclosure triangles
This is one of the core feature enhancements that has been floating around for years. Now you will find them in List View, we hope to everyone’s delight.

Transfer queue
ForkLift 2.5 delegates a much central role to the Transfer Queue, routing all file operations through the queue. Copy, move, extract – they are all syphone to the queue UI, so everything can be monitored and controled from here.
To fit the new role we’ve given it a new, iTunes inspired look, and new abilities like better pause/resume and the ability to navigate and browse folders from queue UI. (If you like your toolbar roomier, you can use the Safari-like button)

“Cut&Paste” support
Cmd-c and alt-cmd-v can now be used to move the selected file to a target folder. This one is really a blatant immitation of Lion’s implementation, but there was no way to improve on it.

Using command line tools in ForkLift
We hope this will win the heart of our hardcore file manipulation enthousiasts. ForkLift now lets you invoke any command line tool straight from ForkLift. Command line tools can be added to Preferences > Tools, and by assigning a shorcut, you can invoke them anytime and issue commands. You can also use this to launch GUI apps that support command line access.

Other changes
There is also a handful of other various changes, but these should be obvious and so I’ll just list them:

  • File grouping support
  • Customizable view options per folder
  • Full screen support
  • Monochrome sidebar/toolbar icons
  • New shortcut editor UI
  • New Sync UI
  • New Favorite manager UI
  • Color label support for favorites and devices
  • New transfer queue UI
  • Expandable folders in transfer queue
  • Queue support for extract and move operations
  • Real-time transfer queue pause
  • and much more
  • This is all for tonight, folks, I hope you enjoy.


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