Dusting Off the Blog

Okay, I’ll concede, this blog did get pretty dusty over the past couple-five months. So first of all, I want to tell everyone that ALL IS WELL HERE. No worries, the star of BinaryNights is still burning bright, and has no intention of letting down you nice ForkLift driving folk out there.

Still, I will not argue that updates failed not only to reach this here blog, but those of you used to our more regular release schedule may also have been experiencing slight withdrawal symptoms. I guess that’s what you get for raising expectations :)

Let me quickly explain what happened since April’s 2.08 release. It was a time of contentment and the promise of a bright future, and I sat back lazily to fiddle around with a few leftover items on my TODO list, thinking I’ll keep myself amused with some light coding for a while. But as it so often happens in operation rooms around the world, what started as a routine procedure quickly avalanched into a series of close-ups of scalpel cuts. I guess I did get carried away a bit.

But then of course, Lion came along.

In many respects, I’m reminded of the time when Leopard was released, and BinaryNights decided on a major makeover of ForkLift in the middle of a development cycle. We did it to keep our edge, and did it right, since ForkLift 1.5 was a breakthrough application. So.

Good News Everyone!
A smoking new version of ForkLift is just around the horizon.
It bears the name 2.5 (although 3.0 might have been more appropriate), and it brings a handful of feature candies sprinkled on the massive body of a resting lion.

Although there’s still a long way to go, I am very anxious see it in work and I will push for a raw public beta as early as possible, hopefully within 3 months. Many things are still molding, but some things are sure about ForkLift 2.5

  • it is Lion Only (yes.)
  • it is a file manager with disclosure triangles
  • it will save view settings for favorites
  • it has a new and better column view
  • has Lion style grouping
  • has many other improvements

Latency issues
Unfortunately, the great work described above had affected our famously high quality customer service and there may have been outages in email support. My apologies for this, but as you might know, coding is a very involved work, and I am currently under a lot of load.
I will continue to do my best, but please forgive me if I fail to reply to your feature request.
I’m afraid the same capacity issue affects the blog too. So for the moment, if you are looking for more frequent updates on ForkLift development, I recommend you look for me on Twitter.

Thats all for tonight, folks.

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