Dusting Off the Blog

Okay, I’ll concede, this blog did get pretty dusty over the past couple-five months. So first of all, I want to tell everyone that ALL IS WELL HERE. No worries, the star of BinaryNights is still burning bright, and has no intention of letting down you nice ForkLift driving folk out there.

Still, I will not argue that updates failed not only to reach this here blog, but those of you used to our more regular release schedule may also have been experiencing slight withdrawal symptoms. I guess that’s what you get for raising expectations :)

Let me quickly explain what happened since April’s 2.08 release. It was a time of contentment and the promise of a bright future, and I sat back lazily to fiddle around with a few leftover items on my TODO list, thinking I’ll keep myself amused with some light coding for a while. But as it so often happens in operation rooms around the world, what started as a routine procedure quickly avalanched into a series of close-ups of scalpel cuts. I guess I did get carried away a bit.

But then of course, Lion came along.

In many respects, I’m reminded of the time when Leopard was released, and BinaryNights decided on a major makeover of ForkLift in the middle of a development cycle. We did it to keep our edge, and did it right, since ForkLift 1.5 was a breakthrough application. So.

Good News Everyone!
A smoking new version of ForkLift is just around the horizon.
It bears the name 2.5 (although 3.0 might have been more appropriate), and it brings a handful of feature candies sprinkled on the massive body of a resting lion.

Although there’s still a long way to go, I am very anxious see it in work and I will push for a raw public beta as early as possible, hopefully within 3 months. Many things are still molding, but some things are sure about ForkLift 2.5

  • it is Lion Only (yes.)
  • it is a file manager with disclosure triangles
  • it will save view settings for favorites
  • it has a new and better column view
  • has Lion style grouping
  • has many other improvements

Latency issues
Unfortunately, the great work described above had affected our famously high quality customer service and there may have been outages in email support. My apologies for this, but as you might know, coding is a very involved work, and I am currently under a lot of load.
I will continue to do my best, but please forgive me if I fail to reply to your feature request.
I’m afraid the same capacity issue affects the blog too. So for the moment, if you are looking for more frequent updates on ForkLift development, I recommend you look for me on Twitter.

Thats all for tonight, folks.

60 Responses to “Dusting Off the Blog”

  1. brh says:

    Dang, this is the first software that I use to go Lion-only. Now will be a time for decisions, leaving ForkLift behind, or paying up and learning to deal with all the garbage that Lion brings. Not really excited about either prospect.

    • foljs says:

      You’ll have to deal with “all the garbage Lion brings” eventually. Or get stuck with a legacy system.

      It’s a no-brainer, really…

    • Robin says:

      “it is Lion Only (yes.)”

      THAT is a joke or?

      I can understand to deliver software who run in some things “better” under the new system or giving some more features as for the system before.
      But a full drop for 10.6.X to deliver a new update… That is the wrong way. And I can’t understand why it would be so hard to still support OS 10.6. What is the real big change in Lion??? That we can’t let run Rosetta Apps? That the Mission Control is more a “Huston we have a problem”? That Power users are not longer interesting for Apple? That the whole world must be grey now, because Apple say it???

      No idea if you really work under 10.7 in the last days or if you read all the comments on apple.com.
      This system is shocking me as a long Mac OS user and spend me hours of frustrating times. I try to give Lion a chance at this time, but I switched back after around two months. I can only hope that Apple fix a lot of problems in the next updates.

      • Ian says:

        I think Apple dropping Rosetta is the main (and major) problem. Mission control is excellent with some flaws, but still entirely useable in comparison to exposé + spaces (some things gained, others lost). And the criticism about grey icons is not a reason to ever fail to upgrae an OS, this critique is petty moaning at its best (I don’t direct that at you, but the general issue). I study human perception and I doubt any scientist could perceptually measure users in Lion now failing to “see” icons properly due to this minor change…

        Lion is a minor upgrade to the OS, and our upgraded Lab and personal machines all work fine.

        My major issue is that it will cut Mudi’s future income from upgrades (1 in 10 Mac users are running Lion), which will slow future development…

  2. jpk says:


    A third option is to continue using the 2.0.x version of ForkLift that I assume you are satisfied with on Snow Leopard (which I further assume you are using).

    But you know what is sometimes said about assuming…

  3. Robert says:


    First, it is sometimes very good that the development continues. But the announced new feature to sound modest. I come from Windows and there I was the total commander (http://www.ghisler.com/deutsch.htm) almost 10 years accompanied faithful. Functions, such as synchronizing directories (including contents), effective operation such as copy or rename, searching for regex or similar filter to display only one of the possibilities. It is clear that a development must be specifically Mac OS Lion. What if there was a joint development agreement between BinaryNight NIghts and total commander. Currently in a version for Android total commander is developed.
    I’m looking forward to the further development, long 3 months.

  4. Steve says:

    It seems awfully close to Lion’s release to be making an application Lion only. I know I won’t be making the move soon (or ever) due to critical hardware and software that will never be made to run on Lion. I would think a large part of your customer base are in similar situations.

    So I’m sticking to the current release of ForkLift on Snow Leopard.

    Thanks for the update,

  5. Christian says:

    Looking forward for the update. ForkLift is one of my favourite applications on OSX and I understand why you want to focus it on Lion.

  6. Ger Teunis says:

    Thanks for the update, sounds really nice.
    Too bad it’s Lion only indeed, most use the current-1 OS philosophy, but it’s hard to get new features in that way.

    Keep up the great work.

  7. uTomi says:

    Azért remélem, hogy mivel a Lion már teljesen magyar így a Forklift is végre megkapja a teljes magyar nyelvi támogatást. Elvégre magyarok csinálják a programot is!

  8. Tim says:

    Dropbox support?

  9. John says:

    Finally disklets for non-admin users with the next version? Or only eyecandy?

  10. Fran says:

    I second the Dropbox support!

  11. Tom says:

    +1 Dropbox

  12. Scisci says:

    I would love to get terminal support for ssh/sftp-connections. Local locations got the “Show in terminal”-function, why not implement that for folders on a remote server? ForkLift could establish the ssh-connection and change the path in the terminal automatically.

  13. Phrosch says:

    +1 Dropbox
    -1 Terminal SSH/SFTP Support

  14. Lebostein says:

    Lion only?

    Why? Call me one reason…

    • Lebostein says:

      Why? Can you answer my question, please?

      • Lebostein says:

        Why is ForkLift 2.5 Lion only?

        • mudi says:

          Lion has new API’s and new UI features which I want to exploit.

          • Richard says:

            I for one am quite glad of the Lion only update. I always stay on top of the current releases and try to understand the changes that are made to the OS… generally I find that, while confusing or seemingly stupid at first, most changes end up being better for the user… if they’d embrace them.

            I really like using programs that take advantage of all of the new OS’s features.

            Here’s a +1 for full screen support!

  15. Aikwaar says:

    I quess one thing which is not working properly at the moment is ‘get info’. When select multiple folder and choose ctrl+ get info, the size will be displayed not corrctly.

  16. Jeremy says:

    Great to hear that development isn’t dead and I look forward to v2.5, but wouldn’t it be better to really make FL2 rock solid and get rid of all the reported bugs instead of creating potentially more bugs?

    • Oliver says:

      Good point!

      Me, I came here to see if development was still alive, as I was contemplating purchasing ForkLift. I don’t think I will, considering the long hiatus and overall unfocused approach.

  17. jenny b says:

    Lion ONLY !

    Once again Binarynights proves that they are NOT LISTENING to customer´s demands.

    Such a pitty that nearly every decision made in the development of a once promising application is AGAINST the will of it´s users.

    FAIL ! …. again

  18. Hans says:

    Please focus on 2.5, but let 2.51 support multiple drop boxes like good reader en files on the iPad.
    Succes with your work.

  19. Hans says:

    multiple dropboxes and ifiles (sorry for the typo’s)

  20. richard says:

    2.0.8 works fine in my 10.7 system, however i would like:

    Disk burning

    icon size control sliders in each pane like in the beta 2.0.3 version

    then i will be happy :-)

  21. Lebostein says:

    Good bye! I am back to Disk Order. There is a new version (3.2.1). Compatible with Snow Leopard AND Lion. Very fast navigation through the folders and files. Faster than ForkLift….

  22. Lebostein says:

    Yes. If the next Mac OS came out, maybe. I skip Lion… all new features useless for me and: never change an running system. In the near future I will receive no more support for my ForkLift version. Programers from Disk Order are very understanding and implement the ideas of the users. We’ll see, I often switch between the programs…

    • Ian says:

      Binary Nights has implented *tons* of features requested by users, and provide great feedback ( not so much this summer as Mudi states above) overall. Why are you spamming a competitor here inferring only /they/ listen to their users, that is disrespectful and untrue.

      Personally Lion upgrade is cheap and works fine for me, significant UI refinement and nothing broke. I as a user want the UI improvements that Lion Finder has to be brought to Forklift.

      As I say elsewhere, BN should bugfix the 2.0.x release which I think is fair…

  23. Ian says:

    My upgrades of at least 6 Macs to Lion (after the .1 release) have been flawless, Lion is not really much of a change to the core OS (apart from the removal of Rosetta which is significant for many users).

    Mudi, I really would suggest fixing as many bugs as possible in the 2.0.x release. Forcing users to upgrade their OS to Lion for bug fixes is unfair. But doing it for UI / feature changes is fine! ;-) I think the new sorting options in Lion Finder are *significant* and understand why Mudi wants part of that action (and so do I) for Forklift. Actually I’d say Lion Finder is the most significant and useful update to Finder since spotlight / quicklook…

    Forklift 2.0.x is still the most elegant and useful file manager on OS X IMO, it is not going away. Bringing in some of that UI refinement of Lion will make it better.

    Looking forward to the beta testing!

  24. mraak says:

    And you will need a Facebook account in order to use it AND pay to get the serial. , but Spotify crap do require that.

  25. PK says:

    Suggestion. One pane view with tabs. Yes I know, but think about it once more – two pane is TC legacy from time when tabs were not available. Today, it might be more productive to have one pane with fast switching between tabs using TAB. (TAB switch panes when more than 1 available, otherwise switches between tabs).

    Satisfied user.

  26. Dave says:

    I purchased this application this morning but have yet to receive any kind of license even though the last email I received (my receipt) said I’d receive an email in a few moments with the license number but that email never arrived.

    Your help is much appreciated.



  27. rolph says:

    Hey Mudi, any news on the release date? Forklift is awesome and really efficient. Looking forward to the new version.


  28. uTomi says:

    Hey, any news about the release date?

  29. Ben says:

    Cut! and Paste Function! PLEASE :)
    that would be great!

  30. krzyk says:

    It would be good if you could add services support to your application. I have some file-based workflows configured in automator with applescript, and in Finder all my custom actions appear in context menu for a selected folder or group of files. Unfortunately in ForkLift 2 I’m not even to pass the selection to automator. That’s the only thing that is making me to use Finder.

  31. Frank Eves says:

    Although I empathize with folks stuck on vintage hardware, I suspect backwards compatibility is a developer’s curse. I’ve always loved how BinaryNights embraces change and grooves with the shiny new stuff. Lion only, I say, “Good for you, once again”.

  32. Rob Reed says:

    Well for whatever it’s worth…

    Apple has changed a lot with Lion putting developers and end users in an awkward spot. I would guess that the key changes that are causing developers to quickly jump to Lion are versioning and related features (auto-save) and to a lesser extent things like ‘resume’.

    The trouble with those features:

    1. They create a break between Lion apps and everything else. If Apple is successful in convincing us that we don’t need to save changes to documents as we work, that’s going to cause problems for users when working in apps that aren’t updated to take advantage of the new features. It’s likely to lead to more not less lost work for users with both Lion specific and non Lion apps.

    2. The new features are not especially intuitive. Things are supposed to be more ‘like magic’. The funny thing about magic is that it’s not very understandable.

    3. The features aren’t necessarily a good idea. Resume is an example. The idea is that you can quit an app and it will return to the same state when it is relaunched. Seems ok maybe, until you try to quit Safari to get rid of 50 open tabs only to have it restart and reload the same 50 tabs — ugh. Sure there are ways around it, but it’s not any easier than the old behavior. It’s not progress. It’s just different.

    3. The features don’t work especially well. Lion is a sketchy OS. It has the feel of an OS that is busy doing a lot of stuff other than responding to the user. The versions UI is the same as the Time Machine UI which is gimmicky, not especially intuitive, and dog slow.

    As for everyone saying “Well you’re not going to stay with Snow Leopard forever”… That might be true but we’re talking about a matter of several months. There is a big different between 4 months and forever. Devs started upgrading their apps to support the Lion only features within days of Lion’s release.

    Apple has always had the attitude that backward compatibility was not a primary concern. Until now developers typically made the situation better by making sure their apps and updates worked for more than just the current version of the OS. Apple has finally introduced the right feature set to convince devs to get with the program.

    Again, maybe that would be OK if Lion was clearly a superior OS, with the exception of FileVault 2, it’s not.

    I was about to buy ForkLift. My last step before purchasing an app from a new (to me) developer is to check for a blog. I’m disappointed by the lack of consistency here and with the dev’s piss poor attitude toward end users. If you can’t understand why this move might alienate some of your users then I don’t have confidence in your ability to make good design and development decisions.

    Seriously, I think the dev owes members of this community a sincere apology, not for the design to make 2.5 Lion only, but for the attitude.

    I am glad to see ForkLift available outside of the Mac App Store. I give you credit for that. I also think the pricing seems good for what would appear to be a very nice app. Unfortunately, It’s not an app I’ll be buying.


    • Harry says:

      Hear hear! Very well put on all counts, especially with the arrogant attitude of the developer : I expect some respect from someone I have invested money in. My investment stops with v2.0.8, unfortunately.

    • foljs says:

      “”"Again, maybe that would be OK if Lion was clearly a superior OS, with the exception of FileVault 2, it’s not.”"”

      How is it not? Because some people like Spaces better?

      Anyway, it doesn’t matter if it’s superior or not. It’s the CURRENT OS.

      Previous versions will only get LESS supported with time, by everyone, including Apple.

      Think of OS X like you do your web browser: you always want to have the latest version.

      It’s not like Windows, were people hold on as long as they can to a 10 year old OS, it’s a different development model. For one, it enables Apple to add more features and iterate over them faster.

  33. miniMAC says:

    Sorry, but i think Forklift is not good. Have much more problem with permission, saved data, continuos crash…

    PLEASE! Give to us a STABLE version! Not a new version every year. We want a STABLE App!

  34. Sas says:

    Could you please implement the “..” option (jump back into parent dir.) at the top of the directory-list?

  35. Jeremy says:

    Can you tell us anything about the progress on Forklift “2.5″ ?

  36. uTomi says:

    This is a dead project? Are you kidding with us? No news, no new version. Send my money back.

    • foljs says:

      You have a special need for a new version? If not, continue using the old one.

      Which is what you have paid FOR, not for the promise of a next version. What makes you feel entitled to one? Bad parenting?

      • Jeremy says:

        Maybe the reason that the latest version of FL2 is so full of bugs that it’s ridiculous, but no bugs gets fixed anymore. I bought Transmit instead as I grew tired of waiting.

  37. Marcus says:


    how I get an upgrade from the previous version?


  38. Marcus says:

    Sorry, has ForkLift 2.5 ever been published?

  39. dmilith says:

    Yeah. Never ending story. I tell You what happens. New version will be released some day. And it will stagnate as current 2.0.8 with own list of bugs which would never be fixed. That’s NOT a “pro way”. What if I would like to use Snow Leopard cause I have older machine on which Lion is just a slow crap?
    Sorry, but software developing is not just “exploiting new APIs”. User demands fixing known bugs. Known bugs database in 2,0.8 is getting HUGE. I could tell you a never ending list of known bugs myself cause I’m heavy user of FL. Now what?

  40. Harry says:

    well, with 2.5 alpha in testing (if you read twitter) it seems the developer has now hidden the list of outstanding bugs by closing the support forum


    not a good sign

    first Interarchy did this, now ForkLift

    what is wrong with some developers these days? i resign to a new Transmit license


  41. Harry says:



    Confusing, because the link provided in the blog isn’t the same, and that still doesn’t work, but it certainly used to!

    Now all that needs to happen is for all the bugs to be fixed.

    There is hope after all :)

  42. Tatos says:

    Yep ! and today Alpha 6 is out.

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