ForkLift 3 Beta 2 is available


  • Fixes a crash caused by right-clicking in Favorite Manager
  • Fixes a crash caused by opening Inspector
  • Fixes a crash caused by specific symbols in Go to Folder popover
  • Fixes a crash caused by Sierra’s window tab feature
  • Fixes a memory leak when downloading from SFTP
  • Fixes an issue with custom shortcuts
  • Fixes an issue that prevented saving view options
  • Fixes ForkLift Mini enabling issue on the setup screen
  • Fixes an issue with Pin View
  • Fixes a Treat archives as folders issue
  • Fixes a listing issue on Amazon S3
  • Fixes a listing issue on FTP and FTP TLS
  • Fixes a sorting issue with Date Created column in list view
  • Fixes an issue with dragging items into an empty group in Favorite Manager
  • Fixes an issue caused losing focus in column view
  • Fixes an issue with saving window dimensions
  • Fixes an issue when both Connent Panel and Favorite Manager were opened
  • Fixes an issue with group titles
  • Fixes an issue with copying a binary file inside a package
  • Removed blank context menu that appeared in Activities popover
  • Added Full Screen menu item and keyboard shortcut
  • Now you can add new rows by pressing Enter in Feedback popover
  • Numerous other fixes and improvements

Download ForkLift 3 Beta 2

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ForkLift 3 Beta is now available

We are proud to announce that the development of ForkLift 3 has entered the next stage. We’ve rewritten ForkLift from scratch entirely in Swift. There is not a single line of code from ForkLift 2. This means you have a lot to test and we count on your feedback as always. If you find any issue, or have some questions, please send us an email to or use the Feedback toolbar button.

Main features:
- New user interface
- Dual pane with vertical and horizontal split
- Dark mode
- Favorite synchronization via Dropbox
- ForkLift Mini with Disklet, Droplet, and Synclet
- 2-way folder Sync
- Multi rename with presets
- Quick Open to access favorites and menu items using the keyboard only
- Preview with inline text editing
- Transfers with auto-retry and bandwidth limit
- Remote editing
- Pinned View to lock tabs
- Tags support
- Quick Select
- Search by name, extension, kind, tags, content, or spotlight
- File Compare (with Kaleidoscope support)
- Workspace
- Sync browsing
- Tools to extend ForkLift capabilities by invoke command line tools
- Open in Terminal (with iTerm support)
- App Deleter
- and much more


User Manual:

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ForkLift 3 Beta is coming in September

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ForkLift 2 is on sale – 66% OFF for a limited time

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UPDATE: The sale is over, but if you purchase a ForkLift 2 license now, you’ll be entitled to a FREE ForkLift 3 upgrade.

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Are you interested?

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ForkLift v2.6.6 is released

Fixes and improvements:

  • Fixes the issue that caused ForkLift to hang on startup on El Capitan
  • Numerous other fixes and improvements

Download: ForkLift v2.6.6

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Locko has arrived to your iPhone for free

We are happy to announce that our password manager and file vault Locko is finally available on the iOS platform, and it’s absolutely FREE. With Locko for iOS you can take your encrypted confidental information, private pictures, documents, and files with you and you can easily access them using Touch ID no matter where you are. More info

Get Locko for iOS

As a celebration of the iOS release the desktop version of Locko is available for $9.99 (50% off) on the Mac App Store for a limited time.

Get Locko for Mac

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ForkLift v2.6.5 is released

Fixes and improvements:

  • Fixes the issue that caused slow user interface responses
  • Fixes the issues with folder size calculation

Download: ForkLift v2.6.5

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ForkLift v2.6.4 is released

Fixes and improvements:

  • Fixes an issue that caused slow loading of directories that contain symlinks to remote servers

Download: ForkLift v2.6.4

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Locko v1.2.1 is released

Fixes and improvements

  • Fixes a possible crash when importing from a 1Password database
  • Fixes a stability issue with the browser extension
  • Added some user interface enhancements
  • Numerous other fixes and improvements

Download: Locko v1.2.1

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